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It's now easier than ever to get posts installed in your local area.

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Select the Desired Location

Fluker Posts are frequently used to build up a historical record of managed land. Members of the public love taking part in the project.

Select a space where you have introduced an environmental intervention, want to monitor the landscape over time, or wish to engage with the public.

Purchase a Post

Purchase a 90 x 90mm 2.4m treated pine post from any decent hardware store.

Install your post at your chosen location. We can provide tips for the best results when installing a post.

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Making an order is simple.

Let us know that you'd like to proceed with your order, providing us with the following details for each post:

  • Name of the post
  • A short description of the location
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • A reference photo showing the scene that you would like users to capture

We Integrate Your Post

Once we receive your order we'll send out a sign for you to attach to your new post. This sign includes instructions to download the app and use it to upload photos. It also includes the reference photo that you sent us.

We add your post into our system, so it appears in the Fluker Post app and website. Users can now upload photos to your post. You can also go to the app or website to view photos that users upload.

If you would like to order a post or have any questions get in contact with us.

Order Your Post

We charge a one-off integration fee of $500 (ex GST) per post.
There are no ongoing fees and you have access to your photos forever!

Get in touch to place your order.